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Lynea Diaz-Hagan, the Director of Windhorse Writing, has fifteen years of experience successfully helping applicants gain admission to the most competitive undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. Windhorse Writing students are currently attending Stanford, Harvard, Duke, Cornell, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, UC Berkeley, among other competitive programs across the country. By getting to know each student and working closely with students and their families, Lynea and the Windhorse Writing team always tailor their guidance to the applicant’s unique ambitions and needs.

Based in San Francisco, Lynea can offer particularly helpful expertise to students and parents residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is intimately familiar with the academic landscape of the region, along with the specific reputations and student populations of many Silicon Valley high schools. Because applicants from this area face unusually tough competition and pressure in the admissions process, Windhorse approaches the college preparation and application process holistically—taking into account not only the academic goals of the students, but also their social and emotional well-being.

Windhorse Writing also provides comprehensive college preparatory and admissions services to students based anywhere in the United States and overseas. Over 50% of Windhorse’s college admissions and test preparation students either live in China or are Chinese nationals attending high school in the United States. To better serve our international clientele, we offer free consultations with a translator (Mandarin or Cantonese) on request.


Lynea Diaz-Hagan
Director of Windhorse Writing
Admissions & Test Prep Coach

Tom Prado
Essay Editor & TOEFL Coach


“In our first meeting with Lynea, we were very impressed by her knowledge of many colleges and their differences. While working with her, my son greatly improved his creative writing. Also, as a parent, I was surprised to see my emails and questions always answered within a day. This took away a lot of my worries. Lynea’s ongoing encouragement made our college application process a very pleasant one.”

— Kari K., parent of a recent Yale graduate and 2017 Stanford admit

“When I was struggling to get my ideas on the page, Lynea’s Q&A technique finally helped me get clear about what I wanted to write. She helped me write directly to the point and push through to get my medical applications done.”

 — Laura A., M.D., graduate of Weill Cornell Medical College

“Lynea’s a real gem. From her first meeting with my daughter, they worked perfectly together. She’s just a great coach! She’s patient and kind but expects a lot from her students and has brought out the best in my daughter’s writing.”

– Debra L., parent of a Johns Hopkins graduate

“I came to know Lynea through our work together at a technology startup. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable and creative and gets a lot done in a short time. She is also a passionate writer and writing coach. When my wife was applying to the School of Engineering at UC Davis, she was fortunate to receive Lynea’s advice on writing the application essays. Lynea gave her thorough and insightful suggestions, which indeed helped help her dramatically improve the essays.”

– Danny Y., Software Engineer at Uber

“Working with Lynea is like working with a good friend who intuitively draws out what you are trying to express. At the same time, she’s sharp and won’t let you off the hook!”

– Robert P., MBA, Kellogg School of Management

“Lynea brings two special qualities to my writing work with her: joy and enthusiasm that create an atmosphere in which I can actually enjoy the creative process and thoughtful insightful questions that take me into areas that I might not go on my own. Furthermore, Lynea is a highly perceptive person who quickly sees where people are blocked in their learning and, drawing on her considerable creative resources, is able to offer approaches and strategies that help her clients realize their professional and personal goals. I know from my work with her how she unfailingly brings intelligence, courtesy and direction to everything she does.”

– Ken McLeod, Buddhist teacher and author of Wake Up to Your Life
and An Arrow to the Heart

“Lynea has a natural, insightful sense of the structure of a work, sees what’s wrong – and what’s right – and helps writers find better ways to reach their goals with simplicity and elegance.”

– Howard Suber, co-founder of UCLA’s Film & Television Producer’s Program 
and author of The Power of Film